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american drama

Influenced by Ibsen and Strindberg, American drama had its origins in small theatre companies and groups of semi-professional players in the early 1900s, whose commitment was to inspire such writers as Eugene O'Neill, Susan Glaspell, Imamu Amiri Baraka, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams. Born into this century, American drama has acted both as a reflection and as a commentary on the dominance, power and sometimes corruption of the American democratic dream. Today, American theatre still challenges its audiences with a powerful voice unknown to television and commercial film, bringing to the fore issues of gender, colour and political oppression. This collection of specially written essays offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject for students wishing to familiarise themselves with this exciting field, and those already involved with the current debate in the area will welcome the broad approach adopted by this volume.


American Drama offers a comprehensive introduction for students who require detailed but clear information on the dramatists included. It has much to offer the academic and serious reader and addresses the common concern that the unfamiliar names and forgotten voices of those who made a major contribution to the history of American drama have been unfairly neglected. A range of approaches and a wide selection of plays discussed make this volume a landmark in our appreciation and understanding of some of this century's greatest writers.


An introduction to American drama, aimed at students, academics and serious readers, which is also concerned that the unfamiliar names and forgotten voices of those who made a major contribution to its history, have been unfairly neglected.


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American Drama

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