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lit and cult vol 1

This is a three-volume sequence exploring key aspects of British culture from 1900 to the present, including essays on the novel, poetry, drama, popular fiction, cinema, radio and the press. When complete it will provide students of English and cultural studies, and cultural history, with a unique survey of the interrelationship of literature and other forms of cultural production in modern British society. The first volume in the series covers the period from 1900 to 1929. Essays cover developments in the poetry, fiction, theatre and visual arts of the period alongside the rise of cinema, radio and mass circulation newspapers. The editor's introduction provides a contextualising analysis of the emergence of a new kind of "mass" society shaping British culture in this period. A unique reference source for students of English exploring the broader context of British literature; and for students of cultural studies analyzing the roots of contemporary culture. Covers a wide range of subjects from the novel to popular fiction, newspapers, popular music and technology. Includes a chronology and editor's introduction providing the theoretical and historical context of the essays.


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Literature and Culture in Modern Britain: 1900-29

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